Build ExteriorStructure WindTurbine "Generates electricity from the wind (as long as there is an atmosphere)"[1]

Wind Turbine Sizes

Wind Turbines generate electricity based on the current wind speed.

Size Cost Generation*
Small 1 Resources Metal Small 20 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage
Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 30 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage
Large 4 Resources Metal Small 50 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage
Very Large** 7 Resources Metal Small 80 Stats PowerGenerated-Storage

*Values may change depending on time or other variables

**Requires Tech to unlock

Efficiency Edit

Adding the cost of one connection, 1 metal, to the cost of building the actual wind turbine, the power generation per metal is therefore 10KW per metal regardless of size. The benefit of using larger Wind Turbines is denser power generation on the same area and reduced cost and time of maintenance.

Size Cost (metal) KW / Device Device KW - sum decay Repair Time
small 2 20 60 1200 0.5 30
Medium 3 30 40 1200 0.75 30
Large 5 50 24 1200 1 24
Very Large 8 80 15 1200 1 15

Notes Edit

The Condition of Wind Turbines will degrade over time. When it reaches Very Poor, or it becomes damaged by a Meteorite, an Engineer or Constructor Bot will use Spares to repair it. Turbines degrade a bit faster than solar panels for the same amount of energy produced.


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