Build ExteriorStructure WaterTank "Stores water for later use"[1]
Medium water tower edited

Medium Water Tank

Water Tanks store excess Water that your grid generates. This stored Water is released when your grid consumes more Water than is generated.

Size Cost Consumption Capacity
Small 1 Resources Metal Small 1 Stats PowerConsumption 400 Stats WaterGenerated-Storage
Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 1.5 Stats PowerConsumption 600 Stats WaterGenerated-Storage


Adding the cost of one connection, 1 metal, to the cost of building the actual water tank, the water storage is therefore 200 per metal regardless of size. The advantage of larger water tanks is increased water storage, albeit small, for every KW consumed when you factor in the consumption of the connector and denser water storage on a fixed area.


  1. In-game tool tip

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