General Edit

Trading is an optional way to get more Resources by trading your coins or abundant resources. Traders also have a commission, which ranges from 35% to 70%, on every item they sell. There are a few different types of traders.

  • Medical
  • Raw
  • Food traders
  • Industrial
  • Electronics
  • General traders
If you want to start trading, you must have at least a Landing Pad, and traders must be enabled in the Landing Permissions menu. Landing pads only allow freelance traders to trade with you, but Starports allow corporate traders with more resources to trade with you.
Trading edited

You click the items in trader stock to add them to trader trade. Then do the same with base stock to add them to base trade. "Base Trade" value must be greater than or equal to the "Trader Trade" value. You lose "base trade" items and gain "trader trade" items.

Commission Edit

Commission is the extra cost of buying resources and coins from a trader.

So if you buy 5 Ore worth 10 each with a commission of 70% you will be paying 85 not 50 for the produce.

The way the game works this out is through a random algorithm (which has nothing to do with Prestige).

Commission = [35 + (0,7) * 5]

This means that Commission can be 35% up to 70% in stages of 5.

Table of Price Edit

Resources Name Base Value Trader Type
Resources Ore
Ore 10 RawMaterial
Resources Starch
Starch 5 RawMaterial
Resources Vegetables
Vegetables 5 Food
Resources Vitromeat
Vitromeat 5 Food
Resources MedicinalPlants
Medicinal Plants 10 Medical
Resources Metal
Metal 15 Industrial
Resources Bioplastic
Bioplastic 10 Industrial
Resources Semiconductors
Semiconductors 40 Electronics
Resources Meal
Meal 5 Food
Resources AlcoholicDrink
Alcoholic Drink 5 Food
Resources MedicalSupplies
Medical Supplies 25 Medical
Resources Spares
Spares 15 Industrial
Resources Gun
Gun 80 Industrial
Resources Coins Small
Coins 1 Any
Carrier bot
Carrier Bot 80 -
Constructor bot
Constructor Bot 160 -
Driller bot
Driller Bot 160 -

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