Solar Flares are a type of natural disaster. They do not cause damage to structures but any Colonists who are outside will become injured with Radiation Sickness.

Damage from Solar Flares can be prevented by setting a Yellow or Red Alert once a Control Center has been built.

During Solar Flares, Solar Panels will operate at maximum capacity .

Solar flares only happen during the daylight, so if the player receives an early warning of an impending flare during the night, it will not happen until the next day cycle begins. If the flare is warned during the daylight hours, but carries on into night, then there is some time left to leave the base off of alert. Be mindful to watch the night timer.

Note Edit

In version 1.0.4, solar flares were removed from the desert planet as this was making the game too hard too early. It also increases the differentiation between the planets.