Build InteriorStructure RoboticsFacility

Interior Structure where Bots are built and repaired.

Note that to manufacture the Constructor Bot and Driller Bot you need to purchase the appropriate Techs from Traders.

Size Cost Consumption*
Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 2 Resources Bioplastic Small 4.5 Stats PowerConsumption
Large 4 Resources Metal Small 4 Resources Bioplastic Small 7.5 Stats PowerConsumption

*Values may change depending on components used


Bot Auto Repair Edit

Size Cost Consumption
One Size 1 Resources Metal Small 2 Resources Semiconductors Small 3 Stats PowerConsumption
Bots can get automatically repaired here.

Bot Workshop Edit

Size Cost Consumption
One Size 2 Resources Metal Small 1 Resources Bioplastic Small 3 Stats PowerConsumption
An Engineer can build Bots here.

One Metal, one Bioplastic, and one Semiconductor creates one Bot.

Available Bot designs are Carrier Bots, Constructor Bots (requires Tech), and Driller Bots (requires Tech).

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