Planetbase allows you to attempt to colonize four different types of planets. The planet types are listed below in order of unlock, which is followed by a table of characteristics for each.

Class D - "Medium size desert planet with a thick CO2 (Carbon dioxide) Atmosphere, which partially protects it from Meteors and Solar Flares." Sandstorms are very common here. Note: The developers have removed Solar Flares from this location with the 1.0.4 Released update.

Class F - "Outer planet with a Nitrogen atmosphere. The thickness of the atmosphere prevents much of the light from reaching the surface."

Class M - "Moon of a Gas Giant with no atmosphere, which leaves it very exposed to Meteors and Solar Flares, and unable to support Wind Turbines."

Class S - "Moon of a gas giant with a thin but active atmosphere, constant thunderstorms pose a threat and methane lakes reduce buildable surface."

Class Light Amount Atmosphere Density (Wind Amount) Sandstorm Risk Solar Flare Risk Meteor Risk Blizzard Risk Thunderstorm Risk
Desert (D) High (Solar Panels operate at full capacity) High (Suitable for Wind Turbines) High None Low None None


Low - Solar Panels operate at reduced capacity) High (Suitable for Wind Turbines) None None None High None


High (Solar Panels operate at full capacity) None (Not suitable for Wind Turbines) None High High None None
Storm (S) Variable Solar Panels disrupted by cloud cover) Low (Wind Turbines operate at reduced capacity. None None None None High

As of the 1.1.0 update, Solar Flares do not occur on Class D planets, Class F planets, or Class S planets

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