Build InteriorStructure Dorm

Interior Structure that functions as the main sleeping facility in the base. Here you can build Bunks which are the most space-effective sleeping components. To minimize traffic and keep noise levels down, it can only be connected to one other Interior Structure.

Size Cost Consumption Capacity*
Medium 2 Resources Metal Small 2 Resources Bioplastic Small 1.5 Stats PowerConsumption 6/7 Bunks (12/14 Colonists)**
Large 4 Resources Metal Small 4 Resources Bioplastic Small 2.5 Stats PowerConsumption 9 Bunks (18 Colonists)

*Requires minimum gap between Bunks
**Depends on width of connection

Components Edit

Bunk Edit

Size Cost
One Size 1 Resources Bioplastic Small

Bunks provide sleeping quarters for up to 2 Colonists.

Notes Edit

Dorms are a dead-end structure, allowing only one interior connection.

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