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• 10/25/2015

Colonist Limit

Colonist Cap

seems like the cap for colonists is 500, i tried to stress test my base to see how much it can hold, but after their numbers went above 500, colonist ships stopped coming in, the screenshot shows 502 because i had 499 colonist before the last ship came with 3

colonist ship started coming again after waiting for a long time for a colonist to die from combat wounds but soon stopped after reaching 500+ again

  • no cheats, except for the structure limit bypass by using shortcut to build excess power collectors
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• 10/26/2015

Very impressive stat! ntw, you seem to get very few prepared meal in comparaison of your number of colon, hunger problem?

• 10/26/2015

nope, mealmakers are very fast at processing meals, as long as you have a lot of carrier bots to do the the ingredient transfers, they will be able to keep up to production, you can get by even at a ratio of 5 colonists for every 1 standby meal

i'm now testing the minimums of having 500 colonists, i might post some updates on how much facilities will be needed to sustain that number

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