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• 10/20/2015

Game Icons - Image Compilation

This will serve as a reference guide for all available icons in the wiki and some suggestions on where to use them. This thread will be updated regularly until all icons are completed. Comments and suggestions for revision are welcome.

Main Bar:


Build Submenu

Build InteriorStructure
Build ExteriorStructure

Base Management Submenu

BaseManagement Stats
BaseManagement Charts
BaseManagement Grid
BaseManagement LandingPermissions
BaseManagement ManufacturingLimits
BaseManagement Techs
BaseManagement Milestones

Adjust Speed Submenu

AdjustSpeed DecreaseGameSpeed
AdjustSpeed IncreaseGameSpeed

Interior Structures

Build InteriorStructure Airlock
Build InteriorStructure Oxygenator
Build InteriorStructure Canteen
Build InteriorStructure Dorm
Build InteriorStructure Cabin
Build InteriorStructure Bio-Dome
Build InteriorStructure ProcessingPlant
Build InteriorStructure Factory
Build InteriorStructure Multi-Dome
Build InteriorStructure Bar
Build InteriorStructure Storage
Build InteriorStructure SickBay
Build InteriorStructure Lab
Build InteriorStructure RoboticsFacility
Build InteriorStructure ControlCenter

Exterior Structures

Build ExteriorStructure BasePad
Build ExteriorStructure SolarPanel
Build ExteriorStructure WindTurbine
Build ExteriorStructure PowerCollector
Build ExteriorStructure WaterExtractor
Build ExteriorStructure WaterTank
Build ExteriorStructure Mine
Build ExteriorStructure LandingPad
Build ExteriorStructure Starport
Build ExteriorStructure RadioAntenna
Build ExteriorStructure Telescope
Build ExteriorStructure AntiMeteorLaser
Build ExteriorStructure SignPost
Build ExteriorStructure Monolith

Shared Structure

Build Connection


Tech GoliathTurbinePatent
Tech ColossalPanelPatent
Tech MassiveStoragePatent
Tech FarmDomePatent
Tech ConstructorBotPatent
Tech DrillerBotPatent
Tech GMTomatoDNA
Tech GMOnionDNA


Resources Vegetables
Resources Vitromeat
Resources Meal
Resources AlcoholicDrink
Resources Ore
Resources Metal
Resources Starch
Resources Bioplastic
Resources MedicinalPlants
Resources MedicalSupplies
Resources Spares
Resources Semiconductors
Resources Gun

Resources (Small)

Resources Vegetables Small
Resources Vitromeat Small
Resources Meal Small
Resources AlcoholicDrink Small
Resources Ore Small
Resources Metal Small
Resources Starch Small
Resources Bioplastic Small
Resources MedicinalPlants Small
Resources MedicalSupplies Small
Resources Spares Small
Resources Semiconductors Small
Resources Gun Small
Resources Coins Small

Useful for recipes (e.g. 10 Resources Metal Small 10 Resources Bioplastic Small )

Components - Canteen

Canteen MealMaker
Canteen SmallTable
Canteen Table

Components - Dorm

Dorm Bunk

Components - Cabin

Cabin Bed

Components - Bio-Dome

Bio-Dome PeaPod
Bio-Dome RicePad
Bio-Dome PotatoPad
Bio-Dome WheatPad
Bio-Dome MaizePad
Bio-Dome TomatoPad
Bio-Dome LettucePad
Bio-Dome OnionPad
Bio-Dome RadishPad
Bio-Dome MushroomPad
Bio-Dome MedicinalPad
Bio-Dome OakTree
Bio-Dome PineTree

Components - Processing Plant

ProcessingPlant BioplasticProcessor
ProcessingPlant MetalProcessor

Components - Factory

Factory SparesWorkshop
Factory SemiconductorFoundry
Factory ArmsWorkshop

Components - Multi-Dome

Multi-Dome Bench
Multi-Dome Treadmill
Multi-Dome ExerciseBar

Components - Bar

Bar DrinksMachine
Bar BarTable
Bar StandingBarTable

Components - Sick Bay

SickBay Bed

Components - Lab

Lab Workbench
Lab TissueSynthesizer

Components - Robotics Facility

RoboticsFacility BotAutoRepair
RoboticsFacility BotWorkshop

Components - Control Center

ControlCenter SecurityConsole
ControlCenter RadioConsole
ControlCenter TelescopeConsole
ControlCenter Armory

Components - Shared

Shared DecorativePlant
Shared DrinkingFountain
Shared VideoScreen


Colonist Visitor
Colonist Worker
Colonist Biologist
Colonist Engineer
Colonist Medic
Colonist Guard


Bots CarrierBot
Bots ConstructorBot
Bots DrillerBot


Ships ColonistShip
Ships ColonyShip
Ships TradingShip
Ships VisitorShip

Colonist Status

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• 10/19/2015

updated with resources icons, stucture contents next

• 10/19/2015

icons for components, colonist, bots & ships added

• 10/20/2015

added icons for: Colonist Status, Colonist Conditions, Stats - Structures and Components

• 10/20/2015

thats really awesome, thank you!

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