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• 10/18/2015

Welcome and introductions!

Hi all, just wanted to welcome and thank everyone for their hard work - editing and page creation has really picked up!  I can't take credit for creating this page not sure who did.

I am really enjoying Planetbase so far.  

Looking forward to building consensus and producing great content with all of you!

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• 10/18/2015

hello, found this game after reading and watching the martian so i really enjoy this, unfortunately my first base is situated between mountain ranges so my base size is very limited, can only accomodate around 100-120 but is very stable, now trying my best to further utilize the space to try and force 300 since it's the only milestone i don't have for the first planet

contributing to this wiki while having my colony perpetually running and amassing resources and coins until i can think of a way to force 300 or until i decide to just abandon that colony and try again

looking forward to completing this wiki

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