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• 10/18/2015

Icons: Which should i continue to upload?

so i have been manually extracting the icons via screenshot and have already uploaded quite a handfull and will commit to completing every icon, but i have a question on which type should i upload from now on

please refer to the 2 versions for this sample 

the problem with the glowing icons is they are not consistent since the glow pulsates

  • i have extracted the game resources but the textures are separate from each other, the icons and border are separate files and working with tex-files and dds-files is a pain in photoshop, so i settled with in-game screenshots for icons
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• 10/18/2015

That is awesome.  I would suggest that the no glow version might be a bit clearer to see.  But since you are doing the work, if one method is easier than another that works too!

• 10/18/2015

i also think that the no glow version is clearer, it's a bit more tedious than the glow version but not much, but the glow version might be better for some people since it's the icon you see whenever you build it

for now that's 1-0 in favor of no glow i guess, 2-0 if i include my vote

• 10/23/2015
I vote: No glow.
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